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New Year...New Me...Grace

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

First, Happy 2023!!

It's the 12th day of 2023 and what's the saying, New Year, New You...New Year, New Me. I like to say I'm still me, just becoming a better version.

Well, I'm giving myself Grace. Not rushing things but remaining Intentional & keeping things in Perspective

Although I'm giving myself Grace in this time of resolution, that's not to say, some things don't deserve a reset-maybe take a different approach, so yeah, I'm gonna do that. I have written goals, you know, things I would like to achieve this year without the pressure of course. I believe that's where the undaunting "oh no's" come in and wreck the joys of the journey, we start feeling the pressures of not meeting the deadlines we've set. Ok, yeah deadlines are needed in some respects, but even then...Grace

So yes, make the list, create the vision board(s), do the things, but give yourself Grace in the Journey.

Here's to a Healthy & Prosperous 2023 (XOXO)

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