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I want a Happy Meal

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It's said that we are responsible for our own happiness or at-least we have to create it. Although I agree to some extent we are responsible, that doesn't mean outside factors won't have an affect.

At times, myself included, allow some form of negativity to creep in and cause an interruption to our state of being Happy. Whether it's something someone said, someone used a certain tone, or thinking negative thoughts.

Case and point

I was having a challenging week...I mean emotions were up there and I was in them 🙃.

My daughter and I were out and about and she says she wanted some Mickey D's. I'm like really, we haven't had that in a looong time lol. I just want a McFlurry. I was like ok. Then while in the drive thru, I'm already hoping the machine was working (iykyk)... she hits me with, oh yeah and the new Happy Meal... I'm like really, ok whateva 😏.

As we're leaving, this guy walks out with three kids Happy Meals (the boxes are different). I'm like, those kids are going to be so excited, just jumping for joy when he walks through the door.

Then it hit me, that's it! That's what I wanted to feel at that moment, like a kid seeing a Happy Meal. Hell I wanted a Happy Meal (metaphorically).

So what did I do, I quickly change my mood by thinking of those Happy faces and it made me smile.

So I say to you, don't stay in your feelings too long bc at the end of the day, it was up to me to shake it off, uplift myself and bring in the Happy.

All in the thoughts of a Happy Meal.

Do you think we are responsible for our own happiness? What are some things you do to get out of your feelings to Vibrate Higher?

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1 Comment

Life has such simple measures. Yes, we are responsible for our own happiness. For me, when I'm in my feelings dealing with the craziness. I love online shopping. It uplifts my mood quickly.

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