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About Us

Chocolate Rose is a positivity lifestyle brand.
Creating Positive Vibes & Tools to Inspire, Uplift, & Self-Empower.
Chocolate Rose jewelry is created with Quality gemstones. Each piece is One of One, and designed with intention. Whether worn alone or Stacked, you will feel the positive energy.
​*Select pieces can be Customized*
Chocolate Rose candles are hand poured, and created with scents that have calming and uplifting properties. Be ready for a positive and peaceful atmosphere! 
Positivity looks good on you. Empower yourself with our Halo Headwraps and Positive Statement Tees.
Check out The Garden (Blog), we have new things growing & things to talk about.
Most of our inventory is limited, so stay connected for updates and new additions!
Please email us for any questions you may have.

Remember, Everything is Energy!

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