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Just Breathe

Hustle hustle!! Grind grind!! Hurry before you run out of time (bars😆). But seriously, don’t wear yourself tf out…what happened to slow and steady-didn’t the tortoise win the race?

Maybe you’re saying, if I don’t get out here and get it, it ain’t gonna happen…I hear ya… but work smarter not harder-that’s not saying don’t put in the work but take time to Just Breathe...

The goal here, is, once we reach the finish line 🏁, we are our whole selves…you have to be able to enjoy that moment and the moments after that ✨. There are things we can do such as including self care in our routines.

Here are a couple of my favorite self-care practices, that I hope are helpful…Meditation & Deep breathing 🧘🏽‍♀. If you don’t already have some practices of your own, these two are definitely a great start.

Hey tribe, drop some self care vibes below ✨

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