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Envisioned VISIONS

Have you had a vision or an idea that you wanted to do, and just felt "unsure" it would turn out they way you envisioned it? Did you share that vision or idea, and possibly didn't get the feedback you were hoping for? If you answered yes to either or these questions, You're not alone.

Many times we have a vison or an idea that we are afraid to take that first step because of the "possibility" of failing. BUT taking the first step is not being afraid, it's actually, BADASS! yeah, that's right. AND if things don't at first go as planned, it's not failing, take it as a teachable experience, learn from that...pivot or even taking a pause to re-plan, is not a bad move.

Most times we want others to see or vision and have all the excitement like we do...if they don't that's OK. really, it is...why? because it's your vision, your creative idea. Sometimes there are people who won't get the vision, simply because, it's not theirs BUT, do it anyway.

I know some things are easier said than done, but the point is to take the first step in making your envisioned vision happen...the possibilities are endless.

**catch me on IG doing a few videos, talking about topics like this & more** XOXO

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