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No, not this way!

Before I hit the road for work, I pull up my GPS and enter the destination. Even though I know how to get there, the GPS gives the fastest route, a suggested route, and maybe another route to take-which I'm guessing the other route is somewhere in between the other two lol.

One morning, on my way to the office, I chose to take the fastest route (my usual choice). I'm driving, jamming to the music, and like usual, there's "traffic" but lots of it. Oh, no, not this way, I'm not going this way...why isn't the GPS detecting all this traffic?

*You know how the GPS comes on and says, there's a hazard up ahead but you're still on the fastest route or suggests another route to save some minutes? Nope nothing, not this time! So, I chose to go off route...I like to call it the scenic route.

Wouldn't you know it, there was "traffic" (oh well), now it's going to take me a little longer, but at least I can look at the beautiful houses and the trees, you know, the scenery :).

In life we make choices as to which route to take. Whether we take the fastest route, the suggested route, or if we divert and take another, the more scenic route, there's the possibility of "traffic". Once the "traffic" or life's obstacles clear, just know, that the destination is on the other side. The journey may not be what you thought when you started & the route taken, may take getting there a little longer... just, Don't Give Up!

Do/did you take the fastest, suggested, or scenic route to your destination?

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